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Change Management

Moving offices? Introducing a new application portal for grantees?  Rolling out a new program? Change is constant for cultural organizations. The way that change gets planned, communicated, and executed determines the success of the change. 


Whether you’re an individual philanthropist, family foundation, government grantmaking agency, or massive public foundation, Bandwidth has experience solving problems for your peers:

  • Individual donors and family foundations 
    Assisted multiple ultra high net worth individuals create strategies for, and prioritize their individual giving—from small donations to gala chairs and capital gifts; h
    elped formalize funding priorities and application processes for the Rock River Foundation.

  • Government grantmakers & public foundations 
    During five years as a program officer for the DC Commission on the Arts and Humanities, Benjamen designed, created, managed, and oversaw compliance for 400+ awards totaling $25M cumulatively. Managing the entire process, from initial concept, through applicant cultivation, to final reports provided a depth and breadth of knowledge from which to work with other clients.

    Prior to that, Benjamen worked with the Talent Philanthropy Project and members of their advisory board at foundations like Hewlett, Haas, and Mellon, on the research for the brief "Less than We Thought: A New Analysis of Foundation Investment in the Nonprofit Workforce."

  • Community foundations & giving circles
    Benjamen has worked with community foundations in the South and Mid-Atlantic, including leading work of the founding grants committee for the Next Generation Giving Circle.

Staff Investment & Organizational Performance

A self-described activist for better arts workplaces, Benjamen is the author of "People-Powered Performance: Maximizing the Impact of Arts Organizations through Staff Investment." Using this comprehensive approach to staff investment, Bandwidth can help your organization:

  • Assess current levels of employee engagement and workplace culture

  • Identify near-term and long-term goals and staffing needs

  • Plan comprehensive organizational strategies to address those needs and goals

  • Catalogue staff investment tactics currently offered; identify new tactics in response to organizational needs and employee preferences

  • Co-create customized staff investment plans with each employee to maximize individual engagement and team performance


No matter the project, communication is key. Benjamen has provided communications strategy and execution across a variety of media and platforms, including:​​

  • Created and managed all social media for SonEdna Foundation 

  • Managed social media for the Torpedo Factory Art Center

  • Managed migration to Mailchimp, creating segments, and content generation for SonEdna Foundation and Torpedo Factory

  • Handled transition to Salesforce for a boutique hedge fund

  • Led setup of eTapestry to track interactions with SonEdna Foundation donors

  • Created comprehensive grants marketing plan for the DC Commission on the Arts & Humanities

Program Design, Delivery, Assessment

Benjamen has led program design, delivery, and assessment in multiple settings, such as:​​

  • As steering committee chair for Arts Administrators of Color's new initiative, the Accomplices Leadership Institute, which seeks to train white arts leaders to dismantle white supremacy

  • At SonEdna, Benjamen produced all of the organization's original programs including workshops, readings, residencies, and productions

  • At the Torpedo Factory Arts Center, Benjamen created a highly-visible post-MFA residency

  • Serving on the symposium planning committee for “Addressing Funding Inequalities for Arts Organizations of Color"

Benjamen has led a variety of assessment efforts from informal qualitative “post-it” assessments for a simple workshop to complex multi-tiered assessments. For example:

  • When it was time to renew Upstart, the capacity building grant program for the DC Commission on the Arts and Humanities, Benjamen designed and executed a multi-pronged assessment that included email surveys to recent participants, potential applicants, and leaders of organizations that have matriculated out of the program. After an exhaustive assessment, Benjamen produced a 40-page report complete with graphs, feedback from participants, and recommendations.

Policies & Manuals

Benjamen has a knack for documenting and codifying complex processes to increase efficiency and user experience:​

  • Created extensive guides for visitors to celebrity's homes in New York, Mississippi, and the British Virgin Islands

  • Captured 40+ step payment process and created user friendly aids for applicants and grantees of the DC Commission on the Arts & Humanities

  • Designed extensive policies, procedures, and manuals for employees, applicants, visitors, and boards

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