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At Bandwidth, we believe in transparent, collaborative budgeting and strive to work with clients to find a budget that's appropriate for the project and works for everyone involved. However, we know it's also helpful to have an idea of roughly what you might expect, financially, in advance of reaching out. These rates are for Benjamen only; other associates set their own rates. Expenses such as incidentals, travel, and production costs would be separate. We also offer discounted day rates for work on-site and are happy to work with you to see what's possible.

Hourly rate

The hourly rate for most clients is $85.00.

This is a starting place for a conversation about an engagement; depending on scope and expectations, the actual hourly rate could be lower—but would not be higher. 

Discounted hourly rate

For organizations by/for/about the global majority

As a measure of racial justice, organizations that are by, for, and about the peoples and cultures of the global majority receive a discounted rate of $65.00 per hour. 

Contact us

If you'd like to discuss a project, our services, rates, or anything else, send an email so we can set up a time to discuss your needs.

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