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Core Values


We’re straight shooters. You’ll never have to guess where we stand or what’s going on with your project. You’ll be informed at every step of the way and we promise not to bury you in buzzwords and grantspeak. (The world can do without sentences like “incubating innovative concepts for collaboration with diverse community stakeholders” and blah blah blah.)



We strive to apply a racial equity lens in everything we do. In fact, a portion of annual proceeds goes to support arts and humanities organizations by and for people of color. Benjamen Douglas doesn’t purport to be an expert in racial equity.

Racial Equity


We aren’t experts in every culture--not by a long shot. But knowing that is half the battle. The first step of any new project is assessing the culture, and working with those on the ground who do know, asking questions like “what else?”

Culturally Competent


We know what it’s like to work on a shoestring. Sure, we can design platinum possibilities, but we’ll always work with you to find the best solution that takes account for all of the realities of your particular situation.


We try to be thoughtful about our impact on others around us, and those to come. One way that we try to minimize harm is by using Amalgamated, a socially-responsible bank, for financial needs.

Socially Responsible


Where possible, we try to minimize negative impacts on the planet, through recycling, limiting single use plastic, and purchasing carbon offsets for air travel.

Climate Friendly
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